The Ignite Health Program

Ignite is a unique 360 degree telehealth platform. Ignite is Drummond Certified for meaningful use for view, download, and transfer of patient’s personal health profile. Ignite allows for remote patient interaction delivery using video, audio, text, and enables providers to be fully compatible with all federal guidelines. Ignite is HIPAA compliant and is SaaS enabled – any device access (PCs, Smart Phones, and Tablets).

The Ignite platform uses cloud based, mobile enabled adaptive technologies to deliver a seamless and HIPAA compliant tele health experience to providers and patients. The platform is a continuation of our obsessive journey towards the future of patient care using state of the art technologies.

Ignite allows for 24/7 access to your patients, and for patients to have 24/7 access to their providers, care team, and various personal health profile information. Ignite provides monthly reports and various documentation, configurable to your practice, in real time.



Spark the future of patient care

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Ignite and PPD

Ignite is a great platform for concierge or direct care medicine. With Ignite, the online enrollment process is simple and convenient for new patients enrolling in a membership and also for returning users.

Within the platform, patients can have access to their care team members securely online, just as they would in an in-office visit, but in the comfort of their home. Ignite also has an implemented scheduling system where patients can make appointments for having an telehealth encounter with their physician via video, audio, or chat at their leisure.

Ignite allows for special reporting to better enhance the patient experience and demand within the system. We can track appointment type requests, reason for consults, SOAP Notes, new patient enrollments, and membership types to assist physicians in scaling and better preparing for use within the system. Our platform can also integrate seamlessly with your existing EMR system to ensure the most up to date patient data is available for all users.

Ignite keeps a secure and auditable log of every interaction within the system. All encounters (video, audio, chat), personal health profile updates, timed interactions, and session notes are safely stored within the platform and accessible at any time.