Business Models

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Direct Primary Care Model

  • Requires that the physician opt out of insurance and convert to a membership based practice,
  • Reduce the size of the patient panel, and provide value-added services to their members.
  • The practice will typically reduce the size of the practice to no more than 600-800 members depending upon the level of value added services provided.
  • They are termed lifestyle models because there is:

– Much less activity in the practice,
– Third party billing activities are eliminated resulting in a 35-40% decrease in practice expenses ,
– Relationships between physicians, members, and staff are enhanced resulting in improved lifestyles for all
– The return to spectacular customer service for all members.

Insurance, Medicare, Copays and Deductibles

The Concierge Model

  • The Concierge Model is also membership based.
  • The physician will remain in third party contracts, and the patients will continue to be billed for co-pays and deductibles.
  • Member’s fees are based on added services that are not reimbursed by Medicare or other third party payers.
  • As with the lifestyle model, the concierge model requires that the physician reduce the size of the practice, from typical panels of 2000-3000 down to no more than 600-800 members, again depending on the value added services available to all members.
  • The Concierge models must include membership procedures and services not reimbursable through Medicare.
Blended Model

The Blended Model

  • A blended model, which is a concierge style, is one that allows the practice to have a mid-level, (Nurse Practitioner and or Physician’s Assistant), to provide primary care services to those patients who decline to join the concierge side of the practice.
  • In these practices, the physician only sees the members of the concierge side of the practice while the mid-level practitioner sees all non-members.

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