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Why Work With Us? How Are We Different?

At Private Practice Direct, our perspective is different.  Each member on our team comes from some aspect in the medical field. We are truly Physician Advocates. We understand that each practice is unique. We personally know first-hand that each physician, each practice has its own personality.

As a company we strive to reflect this uniqueness as we move toward a successful conversion. Once the decision is made to change your practice to either a Concierge, Direct Care or a Blended Model, we take the time to visit your office, interact with the staff. We want to get to know the “heartbeat” of your practice.  It’s important to us to do our best to represent your practice in the most accurate way.  All materials that we provide are personalized to your practice.

We are here to facilitate that change. Our goal is to enhance that relationship between you and your patients. We offer ongoing support to you, your staff and your patients during and after your conversion. Give us a call, we are here and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Thomas P. Lenns is a 28 year Internist from Hilton Head, SC. In this video he describes his experience before, during, and after his practice transitioned to a concierge membership model. Dr. Lenns also talks more specifically about his decision making process, and why he chose Private Practice Direct to execute his practice conversion.

Q. What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is nothing new. We call it the “oldest new idea in medicine™”. It’s basically an arrangement where the physician opts out of billing insurance and replaces it with membership fees that cover primary care procedures done in the physician’s office. The reduction in expenses that were due to the paperwork and activity related to billing insurance allows the physician to reduce the size of the practice in order to provide more personalized care. It’s similar to the way physicians practiced medicine prior to the existence of Medicare and third party billing.

Q. What is a Concierge Practice?

The Concierge Model is also membership based. The physician will remain in third party contracts, and the patients will continue to be billed for co-pays and deductibles. Member’s fees are based on added services that are not reimbursed by Medicare or other third party payers. As with the lifestyle model, the concierge model requires that the physician reduce the size of the practice, from typical panels of 2000-3000 down to no more than 600-800 members, again depending on the value added services available to all members. The Concierge models must include membership procedures and services not reimbursable through Medicare.

Q. What is the difference between a Concierge Style Practice and a Direct Primary Care Practice?

Concierge Style Practice and a  Direct Primary Practice have one thing in common; they are both membership based.  Where as the patient agrees to pay a membership fee in return for certain services provided by the practice. The concierge style practice still collects any co-pays, co-insurance and any deductibles and files insurance on behalf of the patient. A Direct Primary Care practice has opted  out of third party billing. This has enabled many physicians throughout the country to return to the vision of what they intended their practice to be. Membership based personalized health care allows the physician to take a more active role in patient care and control over the financial aspects of their practice.

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